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Next time you use lemon in cooking remember to peel it before you squeeze it. Keep them in a bag in the freezer and when you have 800 gr of them prepare this delicious italian liqueur. For about 3 bottles you will need:

800 gr lemon peel
1 kgr vodka (the better quality you use the finer result you will get)
800 gr sugar
1 kgr water

Put the lemon peel and the vodka in a big jar or plastic container that seals well and leave it for 15 days in the refrigerator. The 16th day, make a syrup with the water and the sugar. Let it boil for 5 minutes until it is clear and transparent. Put the peels in a cloth strainer and squeeze it well until all the liquid is strained in the jar. Then throw the peels away. When the syrup is cold mix it with the lemon-vodka. Strain again the liqueur and put it in bottles. Put the bottles in the refrigerator and leave them for 5 hours. You can stor the liqueur in the freezer, or in a cupboard.