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I used to send wooden christmas cards in the past to friends and family, but now I thought I could use plywood to make a durable recipe book that would look nice and antique when I will pass it on to my son’s wife (he is still in the university, but you know how mind flies…)

Draw the outline of the desired pieces on plywood (you could of course have them cut and ready by the local carpenter)

Cut the pieces with a saw.

Sand the edges and surface until smooth.

Buy 4 hinges. Lay the 3 plywood pieces side by side, place the hinges in the proper position between them and using a pencil mark the screw holes.

Put a small bit for wood at your drill and drill the holes.

Screw using nuts, bolts and washers.

Remove one mechanism from an old paper file.

Screw it on the bottom large piece of plywood in the same way as the hinges.

Draw anything you like in the front. Here I copied one of Salli Swindell’s great designs, which you can find it in her blog together with the rest of her work.

Spray with a clear glossy varnish. Ready