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What to do with expired milk

First of all you have to know that the milk is still drinkable five days after the expiration day. It could be more just check the smell and taste. Here is what you can do when the milk has really expired:

  • I do this with lemon juice. When we can’t use all the lemons from our tree, I squeeze the juice and keep it to ice cubes in the freezer. So, follow the same advice with milk. As you know is an excellent ink-stain remover. Take it out and rub it on the stain
  • Pour it down the toilet if you have a septic tank. The enzymes will help break down the contents of the tank. (From here)
  • Make a milk soap (recipe here)
  • Do what Cleopatra used to do. Pour it to your bath tab and treat yourself a milk bath.
  • Make cottage cheese (recipe here)
  • Use in recipes calling for buttermilk
  • Pour the sour milk into the soil of your plants.
  • Substitute the sour milk for water and put it in the bread dough.
  • Clean and soften dirty hands. Make a paste of oatmeal and milk and rub it vigorously on your hands. The stains will be gone and the oatmeal-and-milk mixture will soften and soothe your skin.
  • Polish silverware. Simply soak the silver in the milk for half an hour to loosen the tarnish, wash in warm, soapy water, and buff with a soft cloth.