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We all have in our closet, our husband’s old ties. Any of them are cheap have already found its way to the garbage. But what about all those expensive ones made of silk? it is pity to throw them away. But now we can transform them to a nice belt. It will not take more than an hour. So, here it is:

Choose a tie that goes well with your clothes and of course one that your husband doesn’t wear any more.

Start from the wide side and pick the tacking threads until you reach the point where the width of the tie starts being narrow (and continues the same width to the end). This will be the width of your belt. Lets call it A.

All expensive silk ties have a thick piece of fabric inside. Cut one side so that its width will be as at point A and continue until you will have nothing to cut (Because there it will have the desired width). Be careful because this will be the guide later.

Pin and cut the excess fabric of the tie. Sew together.

Now, it should look like this.

Buy two semicircles rings from the store you usually buy the zippers, ribbons, buttons etc. There are not many colors to choose from, at least I didn’t find any big selection. Just this you see in the picture and another silver one.

Take the end of the tie (not the one with the V shape at the end) and thread it through the two rings. Pin and sew. You are done. If you don’t like the belt to be too long, cut it to the desire length, before thread it through the rings. I used the whole length of the tie and I just fold it before tie it, in case I want to do something different according to the cloth I would wear.