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Photo and creation from jensa

Ellen Hutson made this beautiful little box by herself. But using matchboxes for our kid’s crayons can work perfectly well.

Use it as a travel sewing kit (from Real Simple)

Use it as a tiny gift box for homemade caramelized hazelnuts (From Martha Stewart’s magazine “Holiday sweets”)

Use them as a keepshake from a wedding, a class reunion or any other event your guests would like to remember. (Idea and DIY from stylempretty)

As a Jewell box for you or as a present for Christmas (From madonnadunn)

Use it as a drawer (above DIY from hgtv) and bottom (Clarky J’ play space)

thydzik.com came up with the idea of the matchbox PC. But why can’t why keep all the small parts of a computer in a matchbox?

How cute is this matchbox purse? (From Elizabeth Miller)