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Use a pot for your wooden spoons

You can find one everywhere. If you don’t have a garden, I am sure there will be at least one of your friends with a porch that can give you one. Just choose the size that fits your needs. The problem with the pots that we use to grow plants in, is that they are unglazed which means that they get dirty very easily as you can see in the photo below with the pot I bought from IKEA. I tried to clean it with all possible ways, but with no success.

So what I did was to cover the pot with string. I applied a layer of a common glue (in this case furniture adhesive, the only one I had in my disposal) and then little by little I glue the string. Don’t apply the adhesive all at one in the pot or it will dry by the time you get at the top (or the bottom, it depends where you decide to start).

When the string dry (it will not take long) apply another layer of glue in the size of the fabric or other material you are planning to add.

Here, I used a plaid fabric in beige color.

Draw anything you like, or write something with pensil or invisible pen, apply some glue with a small brush following the drawing and cover it with a piece of yarn. It will give a more 3d kind of result. Here I used color for fabrics.

Take a piece of fabric, measure to fit the rimof the pot and make a hem for the outside. Again, apply a thick layer of adhesive and glue the fabric at the outside of the pot.

Finally, apply a layer of adhesive at the inside of the rim, turn the fabric inside (in the same way you would do it if you wanted  to make a hem) and glue.