Chair runners

Transform plain dining chairs with simple but elegant fabric covers that can be echoed in napkins and tablecloths. You will need no more than two hours.

  • Measure and cut the fabric to fit each chair, allowing the fabric to run fromthefloor behind, u theback of the chair, down the front of the backrest, across the seat and down to the floor in front. Allow an extra 1 cm on all sides for hems
  • Fold over the raw edges, pin and hem, then press the edges. Place the runners over the chairs.
  • Use a pin to mark the runners at the bottom of the chair back on both sides as a guide for fixing the ties.
  • Cut two lengths of ribbon for each side of each runner to act as ties. Put the runners back over the chairs and pin the ribbon ties to the fabric. These will need to be placed where the chair back meets the seat. Sew the ribbons in position and tie around the chair legs in a bow

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