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This is an easy way to keep your supermarket bags in order.

Start with the head. Fold your fabric (in this project I used hessian cloth) and draw a circle with a pen. Sew it all the way leaving a small opening.

Stuff it with newspaper, and put a cube from toilet paper. Glue the fabric with the cube to make the neck. You could do it without it, but this is easier in order to attach the fabric for the belly.

Cut the remaining fabric leaving 0,5 cm from the seam.

Make the hair. use whatever wool you prefer. I used a thick one and in brown color.

Attach it on the head by sewing it.

You can leave it as it is or you could try any hairstyle you prefer. I decide it to make braids and style them with two ribbons.

Cut a fabric in parallelogram, fold it and sew it on the side.  On the top glue it in the cube and tie it with a string. On the bottom make a hem and put a string in it.

Make a small hat. Ready