Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild watching behind the tree the ball in Larrabee’s house. (Billy Wilder’s  “Sabrina“)

Humphrey Bogart as Rick and Ingrid Bergman as Lisa in Michael Curtiz film “Casablanca“. When loving doesn’t always means having.

Richard Gere as Edward Lewis and julia Roberts in Garry Marshall’s film “Pretty woman”. Because we never get enough of the fairytale. And of course the superb line: “In case I forget to tell you later, I had a wonderful time tonight”

Thierry Lhermitte as Pierre Brochant and Jacques Villeret as François Pignon in Francis Veber’s film “Le dîner de cons“. Who is the dumb now ha? The funniest movie ever…

Sophie Marceau as Vic Beretton in Claude Pinoteau’s film “La boum“. Because, back then, in the ugly decade of the ’80’s love was so sweet as this movie’s soundtrack.

Ewan McGregor in Tim Burton’s film “Big Fish“. Pure magic