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If you have ever visited the center of Athens you couldn’t have missed this picture. It is a greek version of bagels all covered with sesame seedsand it is called koulouri. It is our snack when we are out of home and it is usually being sold with a small portion of cheese. It is crunchy outside and soft inside, and low in fatition.

Their shape is round, but I do it in sticks so that I can bake more in one tin. If you don’t like sesame just try them with coarse salt. Follow the same procedure, sprinkle them with water and put on the top (not all over) coarse salt. It is a very simple recipe. You could bake it, put them in the freezer and give it to your children the morning after as a snack at school. You don’t have to heat it again. Just put them in their lunch bag and there will be ready by the time they want  it.

Here is how they are going to look like (the three on the top are with coarse salt)

You will need

  • 1kgr all purpose flour
  • 10gr salt
  • 15gr dry yeast (it is about two sachets)
  • 80gr sugar
  • 55gr olive or corn oil
  • 2-3 cups lukewarm water
  • 250gr sesame seeds

in a bowl put the yeast the sugar and lukewarm water up to the middle of the bowl. Stir until all the yeast is dissolved. Leave for 15 minutes until the mixtures has risen and bubbles are forming on the surface. In another bowl (preferably in a mixer) put the flour and salt. Stir and put the yeast mixture. Stir again and put the oil. Continue stirring and put the water little by the little until you have a dough that doesn’t get stick to your hands. You might not need all the water, so don’t use it all at once. Put it in a plastic bowl, cover it with a cotton towel slightly wet and leave it to rise for about an hour. If you don’t have much time put it in the oven at 30C. It will double its size.

Take a bowl with water and a plate where you will put the sesame. Devide the dough in sticks, put them in the water and then roll them in sesame. Oil a tin and bake them at 200 for about 15 minutes or until they get slightly brown on top. Enjoy