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I browsed some museum’s gift shop and here is what I found. Enjoy!

1st row
TRIVET. Euboea, 2800-2700 BC. The decoration of this object is based on the decoration of an Early Cycladic clay «frying pan» from the island of Euboea dating from circa 2800-2700 BC. Dimensions: Diam. 20 cm. 50 € (www.benaki.gr)
HANDMADE SCARF MOTIFS. From pottery designs Conceltric circles, a detail from the painted decoration on a trefoil oenochoe of the Archaic Cyprus period (750-600 BC), is a decorative motifs found on pots in Cyprus and on continental Greece as early as the Protogeometric period. Dimensions: Lgth. 1,75 cm 100% silk. 160 € (www.benaki.gr)
SKYLIGHT MOUSEPAD. Features the interior skylight view of the landmark Frank Lloyd Wright building in New York. Hard-surfaced rubber. 9″ round. $14.95 (www.guggenheimstore.org)

2nd row
MAGNETIC VASES.  Shahar Peleg, 2005 These vases are made from aluminum tubes with magnetic bases and magnetic plates. Place the bases under any tablecloth to create a fascinating effect. Perfect for an outdoor party as they appear to magically withstand wind. Set of 5. Size: 9.5h x .5w x .5″d $45.00 (www.moma.org)
EARRINGS. 6th.c BC Earrings with pendant ribbed beads in the shape of a pomegranate or bud and semi-¬precious stones. The ribbed bead belongs to an electrum necklace, an outstanding piece of Ionian jewellery, of the 6th century B.C. and as an accessory to the female attire, it reflects the wish for fertility. Dimensions: Lgth 6 cm Sterling silver relica with semi-precious stones. 65 € (www.benaki.gr)
ENAMEL BRACELET. Silver and enamel pendent design adapted from the tilework of the interior dome of the private mosque of Shah OAbbas I, the Mosque of Shaykh Lutfallah in Isfahan, using colours typically featured on Iranian mosques. £85.00 (www.britishmuseum.org)

3d row
CHILDREN’S UMBRELLA.  “The Bedroom” Rain is almost a pleasure with this cheerful junior umbrella. The transparent PVC is printed with details from Van Gogh’s painting The Bedroom This collapsible umbrella closes with a strap and a fastener. 58 x 74 x 74 cm. Weight 218 gr. € 12,50 (www.vangoghmuseums.com)
PAINTED SILK NECKLACE. Claire Sagnier, 2009. Bold and dramatic yet practically weightless, this necklace, made entirely of hand-rolled, hand-stitched “tubes” of silk, is hand-painted in beautifully vibrant jewel tones. Button-and-loop clasp. Dry-clean only. Size: 17″l.  $75.00 (www.moma.org)
BRACELET. Created by Nagia Having completed jewellery studies, today she has her own jewellery making workshop in Athens, where she was born. Influenced by Pop Art, she creates jewellery that combines iconographic material from comics and magazines with multicoloured hearts and dots made of enamel. Dimensions: Length: 25 cm. Silver, enamel, collage. 148 € (www.benaki.gr)

4th row
MARLI WIRE BASKET.  Steven Blaess, 2009. Formed from 11 strands of stainless-steel wire soldered together at a single point, this sculptural basket is perfect for serving fruit or bread, or as a simple centerpiece. Its open-wire structure keeps fruit fresh. Made by Alessi. Hand-wash only. Size: 4.75h x 15w x 11″d. $160.00 (www.moma.org)
SOROLLA BROOCH.  Hair pin Brooch / hair pin exclusively designed for the Prado Museum. Handcrafted in Spain. 925 sterling silver matte and oxidized finish with a bamboo coral ball. Inspired by Joaquín Sorolla “Seville, Holy Week Penitents” (1914) 75,00 € (www.museodelprado.es)

5th row
COLOUR CHART BAG. Cristian Zuzunaga. £29.36 (www.tate.org.uk)
ROUND POCKET MIRROR. “La maja desnuda”. Round pocket mirror which reproduces a detail from the painting “The Nude Maja” (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1797-1800). Diameter 7.3 cm. 2,50 € (www.museodelprado.es)
TEAKETTLE. Eva Zeisel, 2005. Eva Zeisel designed this kettle and imprinted her signature curved shape with an extra sensitivity to touch. This ergonomically designed 1.8-quart kettle has a seamless body and spout, a wide base for rapid boiling, a removable harmonic whistle, and a soft-touch stay-cool offset handle for easy pouring. Made of stainless steel and red enamel with a silicone grip. Hand-wash only. Size: 10h x 9w x 7″diam. $95.00. (www.moma.org)

6th row
MAP DINGHY DRAIN STOPPER. Make bath time fun with this universal drain stopper. A colorful dinghy with a map motif is attached to the drain stopper and floats as the water rises. Made of vinyl and rubber stopper (stops 1.5″ to 2″ diameter drain). Size: 2h x 8w x 3″d. $10.00  (www.moma.org)
STOCK MARKET PAPERWEIGHT. Tibor Kalman/M&Co, 1984-85. Three-dimensional wit for the stockbroker or stockholder’s desktop and a delightful way to hold down papers. Tibor Kalman’s typically clever style is evident in this rigid silk-screened vinyl paperweight, hand-crumpled and wrapped around a steel weight. Designer Bio > Tibor Kalman/M&CoSize: 5h x 4″ diam $28.00 (www.moma.org)
NECKLACE. alt&GO ‘Omega long’ 1.5 x 122 cm. Weight 73 gr. The alt&GO necklace Omega long is all about colour, form and texture. This French jewellery label uses gum, resin and plexiglass and the designs touch both fashion and graphic design. The colours of this alt&GO necklace fit perfectly with Vincent van Gogh: the bright blues of the sky, the reds and yellows of the earth and the greens of the cypress. € 55,00 (www.vangoghmuseums.com)

7th row
Modernism: Designing a New World (Hardback). By Christopher Wilk, ed. Modernism: Designing a New World is the first book to explore Modernism in the designed world from a truly international perspective, and across all the arts. It offers a reassessment of the idea of Modernism and reveals the fundamental ways in which it has shaped our own world and its visual culture. £45.00 (www.vanda.com)
BLUE TUDOR FAN. Blue fan with pattern inspired by the motif of the back of the Queen´s chair in the painting “Mary Tudor, Queen of England, second wife of Felipe II” (Anthonis Mor, 1554). Made in Spain. 6,00 € (www.museodelprado.es)
MOUSE PAD. Detail of bridal pillow from Skyros, 18th c. Designed by We Design. Dimensions: 28 x 22 cm 9 € (www.benaki.gr)

8th row
KLEE SCARF. Red Balloon, 1922. Universally acclaimed as one of the great masters of Modern art, Paul Klee created a prodigious body of work distinguished for its wit, whimsy, and unceasing experimentation. With its persistent shifts in style, technique, and subject matter, Klee’s work resists neat aesthetic categorization. Unlike contemporary artists such as Vasily Kandinsky, Klee oscillated between abstraction and figuration, refusing to commit to one or the other, but rather developing figurative motifs and anecdotes through the course of his experiments in line and tonal value. This can be seen in the painting reproduced here, Red Balloon, which may be read at once as a cluster of delicately colored, floating geometric shapes and a charming cityscape. 1.00% silk chiffon. Hand rolled edges. 36 inches square. $65.00. (www.guggenheimstore.org)
MORRIS DAISY TOOL KIT. Never able to lay your hands on the right tool for the job? Well up the chances by investing in our brilliant “Daisy” Tool kit made by Wild and Wolf, the perfect gift for the stylish home that has everything! The set includes a combination hammer (features 4 screwdrivers in the handle), slip joint pliers and a 6-in-1 screwdriver (features 4 screwdriver bits and two sockets) all printed in a gorgeous “Daisy” design by William Morris. 20 £ (www.vanda.com)

9th row
SINGLE STRAND SILVER BEAD NECKLACE. Size: Approximate length: 40cm, Bead size: 2×1.5cm. £75.00 (www.britishmuseum.org)
WIDE LOOP BRACELET.  By La Mollla. Wonderfully chic, cutting edge jewellery by la mollla designer and architect Tiziana Redavid. This wide loop bracelet is made from stainless steel springs and uses her trademark techniques. £150 (www.vanda.com)
SUNJAR. Tobias Wong, 2006. Inside this traditional Mason jar hides a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery, and low energy LED lamps. Place the jar in the sunlight and the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery, powering the three LED lamps and providing diffused and warm light from the frosted jar during the night. Completely water tight, the SunJar can be left outside in any weather condition and is the perfect garden light or night-light. Size: 6.25h x 4w x 4″d. $55.00 (www.moma.org)

10th  row
SMALL GLASS BEAD SPOON    . This decorative spoon is made with silver-plated base metal and glass beads. The beads positively sparkle in the light, and their unique character means that no two spoons are exactly the same. Made in India. Knife, fork and spoon available separately. £12 (www.vanda.com)
PILLOWCASE. Ioannina(Epirus), 17th-18th c. The bride on horseback, wearing a richly decorated coat, is the main figure on a bridal pillow. Dimensions: 23 x 37 cm. Linen 58 € (www.benaki.gr)
DESIGNSIX SARA NECKLACE. 17.5 x 17 x 4 cm. Weight 136 gr. This green bead necklace designed by the British accessories label Design Six is totally trendy. The necklace consists of tiny beads in a hue that fits Van Gogh’s colour range: bright, fresh and cheerful. The strings of this green bead necklace are draped smoothly around the neck and have been finished with a handy fastening. € 9,50 (www.vangoghmuseums.com)

11th row
SWIRL PATTERN FLOOR MAT. Liora Manne, 2008. This versatile mat is made using a patented process—acrylic fibers in an assortment of colors are hand-blended, needle-punched together, and saturated with latex for durability. The low profile and new non-skid backing makes it ideal for use as a doormat. Antimicrobial and antistatic. Machine washable. Shoes not included. Size: 30l x 20″w $38.00 (www.moma.org)
JEWELLED NOTEPAD. This little jewelled notepad features a beautiful floral cover embellished with gold foil and a jewel studded magnetic closure. Each page has a decorative border motif and the pad’s gummed top keeps pages securely attached until you need to tear message out. Makes a great gift for friends and family or an unusual stocking filler. 75 sheets per pad. 10cm h x 7.5cm w. 4,50 € (www.vanda.com)
DIARY 2010 “The Parasol”Bingual diary 2010 (Spanish, English) which reproduces the painting “The Parasol” made by Francisco de Goya in 1777. 1 month for each double page. 32 pages. 5,00 € (www.museodelprado.es)