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Here is how you can decorate a place in your house with empty beer bottles by the paper napkin technique. You can apply this technique to any surface (glass, paper, clothes). What you will need is:

-Paper napkins
-Varnish glue
-Small wide brush



Take any beer bottle you have in the house. For this project I used “La Trappe” monastery beer which is an excellent beer by the way, and has a nice clay bottle. Fill a big bowl with hot boiling water and put inside so that you can then remove the label easily. If some glue or paper is still on, use some hard sponge an acetone.



Select th part of the paper napkin you want to use and cut it as close to the design as possible.


Usually these napkins consists of three layers of paper. We need only the first, the one with the design on. Remove the other two. If you have hard time separate them use some scotch tape. Hold the layer you want and stick the scotch tape to the second one. Pull and this will split the two layers apart more easily.


Apply a thin layer of varnish glue on the bottle little by little. Start from the center and continue. The paper napkin is very very thin and you have to try not to make any wrinkles or tear it. If you start from the center the air between the napkin and the bottle will not stay inside.


After applying the glue, wait for 10 minutes to dry and then apply another layer of glue this time on top of the napkin. Again do it very slowly and with great care.

And you are done. Have fun!